Thursday, March 29, 2018

A change to our postings

I realized today that as we've transitioned to posting all our updates on the website that we neglected to let many of you know where to find future posts.

I believe since we share many of these post through facebook that many of you already know how to keep up with us.  I do now also realize many of you don't have facebook so may have been left out of the loop.  We're/I'm sorry about that.

Our website is,

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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Sad follow up to 12th grade tests

Monday morning day 1 of the test SreyOwn mom passed away. Sreykeo and SreyNygt went home to be with their mom in her final moments.
We held off telling SreyOwn until we picked her up from the test Tuesday afternoon. Their mom's been sick for a while so it wasn't too much of a surprise.
Sad news to get the day you graduate.

The rest of the kids tests went well.  Lots of stories to tell about the craziness that goes on here at test time.

Oct. 2007
SreyOwn, Mom SreyKeo

Friday, August 18, 2017

Our 6 children (young adults) from A Greater Hope Orphanage will be taking their high school exam on Monday the 21st and Tuesday the 22nd.  Their whole year depends on the one test, regardless how they did in class.  We have confidence in them as we've done our part and they've done well.
We'd like you to join in prayer with us this weekend that God would provide them the answers they need. That they would be protected from any problems, like nerves or illness.
Early September they will find out if they pass and move on towards college or hang around another year.  We believe they will pass no problem.  September they will likely seek summer employment. There will be opportunities here with us at the house and at the school. This will give them a little experience and some spending money as they prepare for YWAM January 2018.
A big thank you to all of you who helped them get where they are today. To the support and sponsors, many of you have hung in there more than 10 years.  I can't say there are a lot of organizations out there that have such loyalty in their support, we really value that a lot more than we say, so thank you.
To our guests, who have been hands on with the kids. Jessica, Alicia, Neal, Ashley, Ginny, Zach are a few names that came to mind that really made an impact on the kids spending large amounts of personal time with them. So many of you who came to Cambodia has helped us make A Greater Hope a special place to grow up. Maybe it was baseball, soccer or bracelets, movies or snack time. All those little pieces helped take kids from a really bad places from where they came from and turned them into the ladies and gentlemen you know today.  Each of these guys have lost 1 or more parent, some have been slaves, some sold, some abused, but they haven't let the past hold them down with excuses.
Today they know Christ,  speak multiple languages, most of them are musicians, some amazing artists, a couple of them are great cooks, some supper mechanical each of them I could tell you lots of stories about my fondness for them.  A couple of them we really struggled for them to make it this far, I mean really really struggled.  Some where no problem at all as if they didn't exist. (so thankful for those kind) ;).
We give a shout out to Pastor Pat who got this started and Pastor Barry who has been a pillar of support for us personally in making the happen.
First and last Glory to Christ for the calling and having great mercy on all of us.  What a mess this would all be with out His constant guidance.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

We've a fundraiser going on

We've a fundraiser going on

We believe one of Cambodia's biggest earthly needs is education.  We believe the lack of a good education is the foundation of all Cambodia's struggles.
We believe one of Cambodia's biggest spiritual needs is a relationship with Christ.
Through the school the kids and the staff are being educated.
Through the school the students, staff and their families are hearing the gospel of Jesus the Christ.

A Heart for Wisdom school is a local, private Christian school located in a small village an hour outside the city of Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Education wise we are doing great the last 3 years a 100% of 9th graders have passed their national exams.

Besides daily teaching Christ to the students, the teachers are in daily bible studies sometimes twice a day. We also regularly visit and work with the student's families. So many of the students, their moms, grandmas and relatives are getting saved.
There's so much more that is being done, we are so proud of what God is doing through us that we could go on and on about it.

So many of you, our friends that have been here and seen what I am sharing about first hand.

Oct.of 2010 our first preschool class with 16 students

2016 we had 17 classes and reached 500 students

2018 enrollment we're expecting close to 600 students with 20 classes and 40 staff

We regularly turn away student because we lack the space.

2014, I think it was we bought the property next door.

2016 we opened a second location.

2017 we're looking to expand

We really need your help and the link below is a way you can do so.
Please like the page as it does all that web magic stuff.
Please share the page as much as you want to see us succeed.
Please give and ask others to give as well.

The link  below is all you need.

Fund Raiser for the Next Buildings

Thank you for your help

Monday, May 29, 2017

New Page to the New Website

Please, Please if you have ever visited us in the past would you do us the honor of filling our new Follow Up Review.  We won't bug you to much after that unless you want us too.

If you came a while ago but would still like to leave a review it will help us maybe improve or add to the next guest experience.

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